Ambassador Claude Lambert is a character appearing in the Starz Original Series Counterpart. He is the Dimension Two Ambassador to Dimension One and as such lives in D1 fulltime.

Lambert is a bit of a character. He appears easy-going and genial but is a fierce negotiator for the powers that be in his home dimension.

He is involved with carrying messages to sleeper agents within the Indigo program stationed in D1.

Lambert is portrayed by Guy Burnet.

Season OneEdit

Lambert is tasked with negotiating for the return of Baldwin to Dimension Two. He faces off with Roland Fancher, and the two come to an agreement to trade the assassin for information. (See The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

Lambert meets with Clare and urges her to take care of Baldwin since the assassin was compromised. (See Both Sides Now)

Lambert assists D2 Clare with her transition into Dimension One and delivers her orders from Dimension Two. (See The Sincerest Form of Flattery)